Allerede i den første episoden av sesong 7 vil Prentiss komme tilbake til BAU. På TV Line sto det følgende:  


With Paget Brewster rightfully restored to the cast, the first order of business this season is `resurrecting` Prentiss, whose death was faked so that she could evade arch nemesis Ian Doyle. - The first episode [airing Sept. 21] is about how I have to come back, Brewster previewed for me, and people are surprised. Well, not everyone. After all, both J.J. and Hotch were in on the ruse. As for those left out of the circle of trust, - Some of the gang are peeved, says Kirsten Vangsness, - but I?m just like, ?Whee!? Garcia is happy. Still, it sounds like Reid, Rossi and/or Morgan might feel snubbed. As A.J. Cook teased (quite dramatically, bless her): - Relationships will unravel!


Paget Brewster spiller Emily Prentiss i Criminal Minds.


Er du glad for at Prentiss kommer tilbake?
Kommer du til å se sesong 7?

Criminal Minds Norway.

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04.aug.2011 kl.23:28

utrolig bra at hun kommer tilbake!! elsker Criminal Minds, så jeg kommer definitivt til å se neste sesong!!! :P

Criminal Minds Norway

05.aug.2011 kl.21:40

Sigrid: Jaa, jeg har savnet henne ! ^^ Gleder meg masse til sesong 7 <3

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